Certified sculptor- and stonemason
firm since1928

Certified sculptor- and stonemason

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Certified sculptor- and stonemason firm since1928


We are delighted to help you realize your ideas and wishes carried out in stone.
Our company offers a full service ranging from support, advice & design to realizing and mounting the works made of local natural stone. Whether small souvenir or major work of art – we craft each of our products with the same great care and effort.

Our products

are custom-made and unique – each of them is a single copy. Our local marble is a precious, versatile material. We craft: souvenirs & gifts, jewelry, articles of daily use, furniture, fixtures, objet d’art, monuments, gravestones.

All about gravestones:

on-site inspection & on-site support, request at the municipal office, craft according to individual convenience, assembly, cleaning & maintenance at a later point of time.
We are an empathic and competent partner in realizing your gravestone.

Up-to-date manufacturing technology:

CNC-processing, sandblasting, 3D-drawing – digital models for an improved visualization, 3D-scans
We are a company with a real sense of tradition while at the same time applying innovative methods and modern technology, so to meet your preferences.

Arts & crafts:

our experience of more than 80 years in working marble and the body of acquired knowledge has been preserved, passed on, and expanded for three generations. Thanks to well-tried methods and expertly craft, also your project will become reality.

Company history

The company’s history begins with grandfather Josef Mayr. In 1928 he takes over his master’s business together with the employees.

In 1956 he and his sons, Josef ‘Peppi’ and Peter relocate to the western periphery of the village, where a new residential building and a workshop are built.

From 1961 to 2008 Josef Mayr jr., also called ‘Peppi’, takes over the company. With his children Renate and Thomas Mayr it is by now the third generation who continues the well-established firm.


Certified sculptor- and stonemason firm

We are grateful that we can take from our expertise of decades, and make use of the gained knowledge of our ancestors regarding the uniqueness of our handcraft and our favorite material: the Göflan and Laas Marble.

At the same time, we are open to new methods, and by this combine tradition with innovation, with the aim to create inimitable sculptor works of a wide range and various sizes. Each of our products is hand-crafted with great attention to detail. Whether huge or small project, we do our best to fulfill the wishes of our clients.

Recently realized projects

A selection of our latest works:


It is not only world-famous and almost unique: The White Gold from the Jenn Cliff massif – the marble. Highly valued by sculptors due to its beauty, the bright, crystalline limestone has been used for centuries in many parts of the world.

Due to its characteristics the white marble is ideal for being worked and processed into sculptures and busts.

And it is this activity on which our company has its main focus: sculpture works of all kinds and sizes, ranging from small figures to huge fountains and large sculptures, we do our best to make our clients happy and realize their wishes.

One of our largest works, the “3 Saligen” (a sculpture on a fountain), is located at the Rapoldi-Park at Innsbruck. Another important work of our company, an altar weighing 13.000 kilogram, can be found on the island of Borneo.


Our largest sculptor work, the “3 Saligen” (‘Saligen’ are mythical female creatures, living in the wild of the Alps, and having a shy, helpful, and wise character.)

Design: Hans Plangger
Location: Rapoldipark Innsbruck, Austria


Memorial stone for the victims of the train crash

Design: acad. sculptor Karl Grasser
Location: cycle route close to Latsch, South Tyrol


Stelas for the twin city of Schlanders

Design: acad. sculptor Karl Grasser
Location: St. Anton, Austria


Family gravestone

Location: Austria









We are happy to provide advice and practical support to contact us

Mayr Josef & Co. KG

Vinschgaustraße 89

I-39023 Laas (BZ)

phone +39 0473 62 65 41

e-mail: [email protected]

Opening times: :
Monday-Friday from 8-12 am and from 1-5 pm

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